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    Customer Engagement

    Over the past decade, I have had repeated opportunities to collaborate with Jane Steger, who is one of the finest communications professionals I know. Jane has an ability to get to the heart of a communications problem quickly and efficiently; then develop effective, thoughtful solutions to that problem. Communicating successfully involves more than logic, there’s an emotional side to it. Jane has the knack for combining intellect and passion into communications that work.

    My experience with experts from all over the globe leads me to unhesitatingly recommend Jane Steger and her company. If you need to enlighten potential customers about products and services, and want to work with people who are smart, experienced, fun, and get the job done with minimum anxiety and maximum value, call Jane.

    Tom Gibbons, Senior Vice President and Partner, Fleishman Hillard, Inc.

    When it was decided to move the production of STERIS’s biological and chemical indicator products from North Carolina to Ohio, our success was dependent upon timely and appropriate communications to all stakeholders – customers, management, employees, vendors and the public. It was imperative that this move not result in any backorders or delays in product shipments, or erode customer confidence. Jane’s communication and management skills kept everyone appropriately informed and kept the project on schedule. The project was completed on time and with complete transparency, which resulted in improved customer relationships. If you want to get something done, give it to Jane!

    Donna Godward, World Wide Vice-President, Regulatory, Quality and Compliance, Cordis, Johnson & Johnson

    Jane is an aggressive and creative problem solver, and has innate abilities to filter irrelevant dialogue and deliver relevant solutions. She is an excellent and focused listener with leadership skills that offer efficiency and economy to the management environment.

    Jane is well equipped to offer timely solutions and unique approaches to uncommon problems.

    Robert Bault, President, RBA, Inc.

    I was introduced to Jane when her management team hired Addison to assist in crafting a corporate brand strategy. The challenge was to develop an overarching strategy that unified a mix of different business groups and product lines that had been accumulated over time through acquisitions and new product development.

    Through Jane’s well established internal network, procedures, and project management skills, we were able to efficiently develop and implement a solution. With a customer-centered perspective, we conducted a complete communications audit of print and online content from sales through service. This resulted in a recommendation of a coordinated communications architecture for look and feel and tone and manner, with specific focus on information to help answer customer questions.

    Ed Lanigan, Senior Vice President, Addison

    Jane and I worked together on numerous marketing and communications projects during her tenure at STERIS Corporation.

    I am very sincere when I say that Jane is one of the most professional, competent and knowledgeable clients I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am grateful for her support, guidance, understanding, patience, good advice and consistent vote of confidence during our client/agency relationship. Her communications and relationship skills kept projects on track, expectations in check, and allowed my organization to provide its best work.

    Katie Wester, formerly Senior Vice President, Hill Holliday, Boston

    Employee Engagement

    I had the privilege of working with Jane when she had the responsibilities for STERIS’s new employee orientation programs and the organization’s community engagement initiatives.

    Jane’s positive outlook, high energy and engaging personality enabled her to take a project from a rough idea through successful implementation. Time and time again, I observed Jane’s organized and goal-focused approach exceed client expectations.

    Her contribution to the company and the community were immense. Her passion and management of the annual United Way campaign created the greatest sustained employee engagement success that I had ever witnessed at STERIS.

    I can’t think of anyone more temperamentally suited to add real value to any organization.

    George Cesaretti, formerly Senior Director, Recruiting, Training and Development, STERIS Corporation

    I had the pleasure of working with Jane at STERIS Corporation for four years (2004-2008). During this period Jane and I partnered together on several employee engagement projects, including corporate and field based on-boarding programs. Jane possesses the rare ability to develop empathic relationships as well as offer incredibly astute observations about the project at hand. Well prepared and diligent, Jane’s work was never anything less than exceptional. She inspired confidence on all projects; most importantly Jane is wonderful individual. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with Jane in the future.”

    Jason Verba, Senior Human Resources Project Manager

    I worked with Jane while on a consulting assignment with STERIS’s human resources management team. My focus was on implementing several key strategies identified in the department’s three-year strategic plan. The primary strategy, the “People Strategy” focused on attracting, retaining and developing top performers. The strategy revolved around the needs of the business and the imperative to maximize employee engagement with the business.

    Jane was instrumental in increasing new employee engagement by instituting and managing the company’s first formal New Employee On-boarding Program. The program included instructor-led training, manager workshops, support materials, web portals, and pre-and post feedback tools and analysis. Participants praised the program and appreciated the importance that the company placed on their new members.

    Tom Tomasula, Sr. Vice President, Search Services, Ratliff & Taylor, Inc.

    Community Engagement

    During my nine year career as Executive Director of The Fine Arts Association in Willoughby, Ohio, I had numerous opportunities to work side-by-side with Jane Steger who was serving the organization as a member of the Board of Directors over the same period. On a large and tenured Board Jane stood out for her leadership, hard work, and insight.

    Jane takes her governance responsibilities very seriously, highlighted by a focus and work ethic that was second to none. She took on high visibility positions in strategic planning and Board reform, and chaired committees that dealt with core issues in the Association’s planning and operations. If Jane agreed to lead an effort, you knew it would be completed thoroughly and on time. Beyond that, Jane brought an awareness and understanding of successful methodologies that were by no means common in the Board room. She knew how to get to the heart of issues and systems, and could craft innovative pathways to solutions.

    In many ways her peers on the Board looked to Jane to lead the dialogue, and to shape the discourse. She earned everyone’s highest respect by leading the effort to inject energy and action into the monthly process. Jane has a deep understanding of the obligations and expectations that come with Board membership, and is equally at home serving as a member or a consultant to the process. I have extensive experience in non profit Boards and can honestly say that any organization would benefit from the presence of Jane Steger in its oversight.

    Jane also commits herself to the process. She is accessible and engaging and brings out the best in those around her. She understands when to lead and when to listen, and the importance of both. Her depth of knowledge is supported by her understanding of the human condition, the intricacies of the not for profit organizational culture, and the value of community engagement.

    Jane Steger gets it. She has the experience and the vision to find real solutions for real impact, and she accomplishes this with great interpersonal skill and understanding.

    Charles D. Lawrence, President & CEO, The Cleveland Music School Settlement

    As a member of the Leadership Lake County Board of Trustees, Jane Steger is a leader among leaders. She brings her professional work ethic and organizational management skills to her role as trustee. Jane has an excellent understanding of trustee responsibilities, and has acted as a strong advocate since her appointment. She assumed even greater responsibility when she became the chairperson for the Strategic Planning Committee. She is a hands-on leader and has assisted with every aspect of the process–from interviewing prospective consultants to meetings with possible donors. Jane has spent countless hours preparing materials for her fellow trustees, and has made a point of assuring their understanding of the process and next steps with clear communications. She articulates a clear message with direct professionalism.

    I am confident that in large part due to Jane’s efforts, Leadership Lake County will have a Strategic Plan that has explored all issues to move the organization forward for at least the next five years.

    Ellen Cantor, Executive Director Leadership Lake County

    In my role as the Director of Advancement for The Fine Arts Association, a nonprofit community arts education and performance organization, I had the pleasure of working with Jane for eight years. Jane served as a member of the Board of Directors during my tenure.

    Jane has a gift for asking thought provoking questions that get to the heart of the matter. She has the ability to delve deeply into the subject matter and pull out the most salient points without seeming abrasive or intrusive. Just as importantly, Jane is an astute listener who synthesizes information, coming from varying points of view, in order to reach insightful, well thought out recommendations for action.

    Jane possesses a talent and knowledge to balance ways to motivate others with an objective and frank assessment of their skills. I recommend her for any project without hesitation.

    Laurie Principe, Chief Development Officer, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association


    Jane Stegers Front of Buisness Card