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    Jane has over 25 years of management experience in corporate communications, marketing communications, community relations, personnel development and merchandising. Through her work at both large and small organizations, Jane has developed a strong passion and appreciation for employee, customer and community engagement initiatives. She knows that investing in employee engagement attracts and retains top performers; customer engagement creates win-win partnerships; and community engagement can increase shareholder investment, consumer loyalty, and employee attraction and retention. Strong, healthy relationships positively impact an organization’s bottom line.

    Through her non-profit board experience, Jane has held numerous executive chair positions. She has led strategic planning initiatives; chaired governance, marketing and nominating committees; participated in the design and execution of an executive search committee; and implemented annual fund raisers. However, her biggest impact on non-profit organizations is her ability to increase the level of board engagement through ensuring the board’s diversity (aligning talent with the needs of the organization’s), clarifying expectations, developing orientation and mentoring programs, enhancing communications, and implementing assessment processes and tools.

    As a leader, Jane values change, vision, harmony, creativity, cooperation and potential. She projects a style that is energetic, responsible, diplomatic, empathic, independent and expressive. Her decisions are based on personal values and identification with others. Or simply stated in Myers-Briggs “speak,” she’s an ENFJ. E (Extraversion) – directing energy toward the outer world of people and objects; N (Intuition) – focusing on perceiving patterns and interrelationships; F (Feeling) – Basing conclusions on personal values; J (Judging) – Preferring decisiveness and closure. www.myersbriggs.org

    For-Profit Professional Experience

    • STERIS Corporation: 1995 – 2008
    • Cole National Corporation (Things Remembered Division): 1983 – 1995
    • Conn-Selmer (formerly King Musical Instruments): 1980 – 1983

    Not-for-Profit Professional Experience

    • Fine Arts Association – Board of Trustees, Executive Committee; Chair, Board Effectiveness Committee; Past chair, Special Events Committee; Member, Strategic Planning and Nominating Committees.
    • Leadership Lake County – Board of Trustees; Chair, Strategic Planning; Serves on Youth Advisory and Selection Committees; graduate of the program in 1997.
    • Lakeland Foundation (Lakeland Community College) – Member, Marketing Advisory Committee.
    • Hospice Society Benefit Regatta – Committee Member.
    • Crossroads (adolescent counseling services) – Board of Trustees, 1997-2003.
    • Malachi House (home for poor, terminally ill persons) – Marketing Advisory Committee, 2000-2003.


    Jane Stegers Front of Buisness Card